Monday, February 7, 2011

Mont Tremblant - Eastern Canada's Best

This week I chose to write about my favourite ski resort in Eastern Canada, and one that is within driving distance for Ontarians. This resort is Tremblant. It has the highest summit and most runs in Quebec it also features a beautiful village filled with restaurants, night life and a ski-vibe that cannot be beat.

Mont Tremblant
When skiing at Tremblant I would definitely recommend staying on-hill. Tremblant offers a wide variety of on-hill accommodations including hotels, condos, and chalets. By staying on-hill you will experience the Tremblant ‘lifestyle’ and get to enjoy the ski hill and village without even having to get in a car.

The skiing at Tremblant is awesome. My favourite area on the hill is “The Edge”. This area offers groomed runs but also varying difficulty glade runs. My brother and I spent hours on The Edge in the glades when we were kids. I definetly recommend checking it out.

Mont Tremblant's Village
The village is one of my favourite aspects of the hill. It offers a large variety of restaurants and shops. I love walking through the village and taking in the sights while soaking in the ski lifestyle. Two of my favourite restaurants are le Shack and le Diable. These restaurants are both very casual but offer deliciously beautiful food. From poutine to double-decker hamburgers they offer something for everyone. Le Shack is also the number one bar for après on the hill (as voted 16 years in a row). Another of my favourite bars to après at is Bullseye Bar. Located at the bottom of the hill it features over 25 varieties of beer and an awesome spot to kick back after a day spent             on the hill.

A must-eat at Tremblant is the traditional Beavertail. A deep fried piece of dough topped with everything delicious. My favourite is cinnamon and sugar! Another secret treat can be found at the base of the North Side of the mountain. A tiny wood hut pours warm maple sugar onto snow. Then the frozen, gooey maple syrup is wrapped around the stick and ready to eat . SO GOOD!

Tremblant is a wonderful destination for all levels of skiers and a great place to spend time with family and friends in the village and on the slopes. To check out more of what Tremblant has to offer visit the website at

Feel free to post any questions or comments.

Happy skiing!


  1. While I'm not as much of a dedicated skier as you are, Kim, I definitely agree with your assessment of Tremblant. It's one of the few "big" ski locations I've visited and it's certainly the most memorable (though I've never been West...yet). It's a fantastic location that fits any interest/skill level.

    One thing that I particularly liked about Tremblant was how much it provided for NON-SKIERS as well. My dad and a friend whom we traveled with had no real intention of skiing while in Tremblant (hard to believe, I know), but they were still more than satisfied with the amount of things to do/see while we were there. By accommodating skiers and non-skiers alike, Tremblant is a great place to go. Now I want to go back...mmm, beavertails!

  2. I love Tremblant, and I'm not even skier. Though this review has me reconsidering my aversion to skiing, or rather its aversion to me. Or at the least I'll drive there for the poutine.

    If you were able to ski "The Edge" as a kid, surely I can ski there now, no?

  3. I love your review of Tremblant, Kim!

    I definitely agree that the 'ski vibe' is contagious everywhere you step in the Village. We did apres-ski at le Shack too, but my favourite bar was L'Petit much fun!

    I can't wait to read more of your reviews. I've caught the ski bug this season! :)

  4. Reading this post makes me want to go to Tremblant ASAP. I've only been once and was able to enjoy some of the things you touched on, one of them being beavertails- so good. I also loved L'Petit Caribou- great night life.

    Next time I go I'd love to check out Bullseyes Bar to try some of their many beers. Hopefully the beers will give me the liquid courage to board down The Edge?

    Can't wait to hear more reviews!

  5. I visited Tremblant last year for the first time and stayed in the village and agree that was the place to be. It was so much fun, and I love how they offer so much for everyone (especially me who had just started skiing). I'm going back next weekend and I will definitely be looking for the hut where they're pouring maple sugar into the snow.

  6. This post and the comments that have followed it have really made me want to visit. Athletics and snow plus me equals disaster, so it is nice to hear that it is a great place to go even for those who are not keen on winter sports!