Monday, February 21, 2011

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a breathtakingly beautiful resort located in Banff National Park. It is the biggest ski resort in the Canadian Rockies and one of the largest in North America. With over 4200 skiable acres and 139 named runs Lake Louise offers something for all skiers. It claims to have “more terrain than can be skied in a week”. I can attest to this as I have skied there several times and still feel like I have more discover on the vast mountain.

Lodge of Ten Peaks at Lake Louise
Lake Louise is a resort that does not offer on-hill accommodation. The closest accommodation is Chateau Lake Louise, which is extremely expensive so I recommend staying in Banff. The drive from Banff to Lake Louise is 45 minutes, but it goes by quickly because the scenery is so gorgeous. By staying in Banff you will save money and get to explore the stunning ski town.

My favourite area to ski at Lake Louise is the ‘Powder Bowls’. This above tree line area features over 25 runs, of varying difficulties, in 9 consecutive bowls. This area is known for its powder snow and sun bathed runs.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Banff offers a wide variety of restaurants. My favourite pub in town is the Rose & Crown Pub, located on Banff’s main strip, which offers delicious pub food at a reasonable price. A great spot for dinner is the Grizzly House, a fondue restaurant that offers exotic local meats such as caribou and elk. Wherever you end up eating you MUST explore Banff. There is so much to see, so make sure you set aside time to walk around. A Banff landmark (that most of us cannot afford to stay at) is The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. I highly recommend going inside and looking around.

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Happy skiing!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous place to ski!
    Have you tried caribou or elk? You mentioned it so I thought I would ask.

  2. Your blogs really entice me to want to travel across Canada to visit these places. So many people want to go back-packing in Europe, or travel to places down south, while forgetting that they have beautiful places to visit in their own backyard of Canada. Although I am not an avid skier, I am definitely one of those posers that you find hanging around the bunny hill at Blue Mount or Devil's Elbow, so maybe places like Lake Louise or Mont Tremblant will be my next ski destinations.

  3. I agree with Steph. It's nice to see that Canada has so many places to offer. The view at that hotel looks gorgeous.

  4. I've been through the Rockies but never like that! I've always wanted to learn to ski and experience the mountains. They are beautiful. I'm glad you've given me so many options, you're like my very own tour guide!

  5. I've always wanted to go to Banff. I will have to make the trip some day. I think it is great you have been able to ski at so many resorts! I snowboard and I haven't had the chance to snowboard in a different province. Great blog Kim.