Monday, January 31, 2011


In order to understand why I chose to blog about skiing, I must first explain how skiing has impacted my life.

I began skiing at the age of three, when my Dad took me to the local ski kill (Lakeridge) and helped me ski down the bunny hill. The memories of this day are a bit foggy, but my Dad tells me I loved the sport immediately.

My Dad and I at Whistler
As I grew up my family would go skiing nearly every weekend in the winter. My dad, mom, brother and I would trek to ski hills in Southern Ontario and spend the day enjoying the sport. I took very few ski lessons because my Dad insisted on teaching me himself. He called it a great opportunity for "quality time together", time he did not want to give to a ski instructor.

This quality time became important to my family and as my brother and I got older and became better skiers, we would go on our "Annual Family Ski Trip". Starting out at smaller resorts such as Tremblant, we worked our way up to skiing large resorts in Western Canada.  

My brother and I are now away at school, but we always manage to plan at least one family ski trip a year. I think it has become a tradition that we will carry on as long as we can ski. 

This blog will share my experiences at different hills across North America. My hope is to inspire readers to take a ski vacation with their family and friends, regardless of their skiing ability. Each week I will focus on a different resort and include information on accommodations, restaurants, must-ski runs and much, much more!